Home Staging allows potential buyers or renters to see the full potential of the property, both consciously and emotionally
  • With your eyes: 70% of people are influenced visually. a staged property offers many opportunities to touch: pillows, furniture, decorative items.
  • With your hands: 23% of people are taken by haptic sensations. With HS you will find a lot oft hings that have a good touch
  • With your nose: Smells can stay longer in your memory than any other sensation. Therefore a property with HS will always be staged with good scents from coffee in the kitchen to nice scents in bathrooms, living and sleeping areas.
  • Optimizing the perception of light and room: lighting plays an important role and will be put in the right areas from bright to dim and furnishings will show the potential and space musch better than empty rooms
  • Wellbeing factor: Through harmonic colouring, right proportion of furniture, lighting and scent
  • Timing: a property will sell or rent faster. It can also be in move-in condition
Home Staging is visual merchandising of real estate property. It is by far less expensive than losing money by not achieving the best sales price. Images say more than thousand words…..


You can never repeat the first impression!

Decisions on real estate purchases are often taken on an emotional level.
Bad Impressions can last for ever:
  • Bad photos on real estate platforms
  • Viewings of cluttered apartments
  • Bad lighting
  • Bad odors
We can help you to show your property in the best light.

Claudia Tuchmann: +43 664 100 32 47  c.tuchmann@normreal.at

....Images say more than thousand words

Dr. Claudia Tuchmann

Licensed real estate agent and „Home-Staging Professional
(Ausbildung durch die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Home Staging und Redesign)

Certificate Deutsche Gesellschaft für Home Staging und Redesign e.V.: Zertifikat.pdf

Partnercompany for Home-Staging: www.wohnfee.at